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We are known for our easy to use platform for Bitcoin and other digital crypto currencies worldwide
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Secure and Encrypted

We implement industry best security practices to secure your Bitcoin and digital currencies.

Digital Currency Super P2P Wallet

Single wallet to buy, sell, send, receive, transfer, swap Bitcoin and 500+ digital currencies.

Instant BTC Trades with USD or BTD

Buy Bitcoin Dollar and your favorite digital currencies with local market currencies.

Access BitcoinNYSC on the Go via Mobile

Buy, sell and manage Bitcoin and other digital currencies on mobile via PWA Web App.



Bitcoin NYSC Crypto Insurance can be paid by annual premium equal to 10% percent of the covered assets.



Buy crypto insurance and pay from future profits. Insurance coverage is in place for up to 100% of the value of holdings. Insurance limits are exclusively allocated to customers—not shared. After a strong demand for asset protection in the form of cryptocurrency insurance, NYSC crypto insurance policies are designed to protect against cryptocurrency losses, theft, and general cryptocurrency capital loss. The cryptocurrency market has been compared to the "Wild West," due in large part to a lack of regulation. But there is a downside to lax oversight as well. Cryptocurrency is effectively a bearer asset, meaning possessing a bitcoin (BTC) or other crypto coin effectively establishes ownership, just like cash, and entitles the possessor to the underlying value. Consequently, when someone’s bitcoins are stolen, it’s difficult to establish rightful ownership without actual possession of that bitcoin.



Secure, Manage, and Exchange cryptocurrency on web, desktop and mobile. At BitcoinNYSC we pour our hearts into every detail, from pixel-perfect icons to subtle sounds, creating a cryptocurrency experience that works for everyone. Our goal is to remove the geek requirement and make it fun and easy to learn and use cryptocurrency. No technical talk. No confusing steps - we think it shows.



On BitcoinNYSC you are dealing with humans. Unlike centralized, stock-exchange-like, bitcoin trading sites, you make a trade directly with another person. This makes the process lean and fast, as there is no corporate overhead. You get your cryptos instantly. Also, BitcoinNYSC can support every payment method its user community supports. For every transaction, BitcoinNYSC offers escrow or transaction service to protect the buyer of bitcoins.



When you open a trade, the specified amount of Bitcoins you wish to buy are transfered from the seller's wallet and held locked on BitcoinNYSC escrow service. Now you can send payment to the seller without being worried about not receiving cryptos. Cryptos are locked until seller confirms the payment In case of problems. Our support team will resolve them based on evidences provided by both sides.



BitcoinNYSC was founded to address two of the biggest issues with Bitcoin’s success and adoption—accessibility and security. It has managed to bring the cryptocurrency to the everyday life of millions of users around the globe. Today, BitcoinNYSC is expanding beyond Bitcoin to create a robust banking alternative that provides the same level of accessibility and security to all facets of your financial life. Because no matter who we are or where we’re from, we all deserve the opportunity to have more options, more control and more security in our financial lives.

Product Features

Integrated with the Blockchain Wallet and top-tier banking partners globally, The BitcoinNYSC is a one-stop shop where you can onboard, trade, exchange, and cash out with ease.

Manage Crypto on Mobile

Control your digital assets while you're on the move with our Progressive Web App for iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows.

Crypto Exchange

With a proven track record and a mature approach to the industry, we provide reliable trading of cryptocurrencies.

Ease of Trading

Simple interface. No withdrawal limits. Cash out directly to your hardware BTC wallet. 99% of assets in cold storage.

Proven Reliability

24/7 dedicated support. Industry-leading uptime. Highly encrypted personal data Internal controls limit errors and access.

Buy Coins with Credit Card

Use your credit card or choose from a diverse set of worldwide deposit options to start buying or selling cryptos.

Build your own crypto offer

We enable our clients access to the same markets that provide pricing data for all major bitcoin futures & index products.

Financial Institutions

Allow your clients to safely participate in crypto with a customized solution. Profit from an emerging industry.

Custom Solutions

Leverage existing time-proven infrastructure to create your custom crypto offer. Eliminate barriers to entry into cryptos.

Liquidity and Orders

Providing inexhaustible liquidity, reliable order execution and real-time data streams to enable a wide range of crypto services.

APIs & HTTP Access

Integrate with our infrastructure through industry-leading APIs, HTTP and WebSockets. Flexible fee arrangements available.

Address Whitelisting

Military-grade storage of assets and features like withdrawal address whitelisting prevent unauthorized access to funds.

Non Stop Availability

Crypto markets never close and neither do we. Our premium support team is available 24/7, partners get dedicated experts.

Crypto Cold Storage

Drives and paper backups are distributed geographically in safe deposit boxes and vaults around the world.

Sensitive Blockchain Data

Sensitive blockchain data that would normally reside on our servers is disconnected entirely from the world wide web.

Robust Trading

Our custom trading engine was designed to be scalable and to ensure that orders are executed in real-time.

Security First

We incorporate multiple layers of protection, using the most reliable and effective security technologies available.

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