Index Coins

When you buy an index coin, you are buying a basket of crypto coins. This could be the Bitcoin Index (BITEX), Which includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Dollar, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin SV etc. In effect, buying shares of an index coin means you own shares of coins in dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different cryptocurrencies indirectly.

Statistically speaking, 50% of coins must be below average, and 50% of coins must be above average. It is why so many index coins investors are so passionate about passive index coins investing. They don't have to spend more than a few hours each year looking over their portfolio. Whereas a crypto investor in individual coin needs to be familiar with a coin's business: its technology, business model, product model, strategy, management, and more.

As a general rule, index coins investing is better than investing in individual coins, because it keeps costs low, removes the need to constantly study coins rates from crypto projects, and almost certainly results in being "average," which is far preferable to losing your hard-earned money in a bad investment.

Why Index Coins

Investing in index coins is one of the easiest and most effective ways for crypto investors to build wealth. By simply matching the impressive performance of the crypto markets over time, index coins can turn your investment into a huge nest egg in the long run -- and best of all, you don't have to become a crypto expert to do it.

Minimize your time spent researching individual coins. Instead, you can rely on the AI based software manager to invest in an index that already includes coins you want to invest in.

You can invest with less risk. Most indexes include dozens or even hundreds of coins and other digital asset investments, and the diversification leaves you less likely to suffer big losses if something bad happens to one or two companies in the index.

How Crypto Indices Work?

Each index coin is made up of a selection of cryptocurrencies, grouped together and weighted by market capitalization (market cap). The market cap of a cryptocurrency is calculated by multiplying the number of units of a specific coin by its current market value against the US dollar. When a cryptocurrency goes up in value, its market cap will increase and therefore the value of the index coin will rise, and conversely when cryptocurrency prices fall against the US dollar, the value of the index coin will fall.

Bitcoin Index (BITEX)

Recent Price: $ 711 

ComponentCoinsWeighting (%)
Bitcoin0.0030566714.286 %
Bitcoin Cash0.1694196314.286 %
Bitcoin Diamond39.5947719014.286 %
Bitcoin Dollar6.0076720114.286 %
Bitcoin Gold1.9588071514.286 %
Bitcoin Private64.6426526414.286 %
Bitcoin SV0.6275273014.286 %
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Recent Price: $ 3,774

ComponentCoinsWeighting (%)
Aeternity  625.611613552.7028 %
Bitcoin  0.002973432.7028 %
Bitcoin Cash 0.166845572.7028 %
Bitcoin Diamond  39.899836252.7028 %
Bitcoin Dollar  6.007672012.7028 %
Bitcoin Gold  1.900175532.7028 %
Bitcoin SV  0.612814562.7028 %
Callisto Network 6449.478333942.7028 %
Cardano  63.517734742.7028 %
Dash  0.597662492.7028 %
Decred  0.768219592.7028 %
DigiByte  1592.546373362.7028 %
Divi  1916.505153192.7028 %
Dogecoin  300.050231412.7028 %
Elastos  26.851045132.7028 %
Ergo  10.728859842.7028 %
Ethereum  0.039505392.7028 %
Ethereum Classic  1.745545722.7028 %
Filecoin  1.324898372.7028 %
Helium  7.083702792.7028 %
Horizen  1.209128192.7028 %
HyperCash  113.729737042.7028 %
Komodo  71.191016672.7028 %
LBRY Credits  999.451001562.7028 %
Litecoin  0.619380382.7028 %
Monero  0.400760262.7028 %
NKN  320.813315652.7028 %
Peercoin  81.457538642.7028 %
Ravencoin  1425.426936752.7028 %
RSK Smart Bitcoin0.003009132.7028 %
Siacoin  6113.287781192.7028 %
Syscoin  558.934001072.7028 %
Ubiq  397.426346472.7028 %
Verge  3341.875166262.7028 %
Vertcoin  159.922533522.7028 %
Zcash  0.758181442.7028 %
Zilliqa914.117224202.7028 %
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Crypto 50 Index (COIN50)

Recent Price: $ 5051 

ComponentCoinsWeighting (%)
Aave0.299169442.00 %
Algorand95.945865962.00 %
Amp1805.168848272.00 %
Avalanche6.631093832.00 %
Binance Coin0.271104742.00 %
Bitcoin0.002772432.00 %
Bitcoin BEP20.002780742.00 %
Bitcoin Cash0.160908142.00 %
Bitcoin Dollar6.007672012.00 %
Bitcoin Gold1.534166262.00 %
Bitcoin SV0.585785652.00 %
BitTorrent26971.262120212.00 %
Cardano62.885161392.00 %
Chainlink4.004676532.00 %
Compound0.272421072.00 %
Cosmos7.318651522.00 % Coin836.251642502.00 %
Dai99.917625912.00 %
Dash0.574601372.00 %
Decred0.727467092.00 %
Dogecoin296.885775102.00 %
EOS19.089992872.00 %
Ethereum0.038820822.00 %
Ethereum Classic1.665886592.00 %
Filecoin1.312432692.00 %
FTX Token3.048506562.00 %
Hedera Hashgraph470.564518842.00 %
Huobi Token7.031263812.00 %
IOTA84.813390612.00 %
Kusama0.211134252.00 %
Litecoin0.589979412.00 %
Maker0.030506282.00 %
Monero0.379959472.00 %
Neo2.006590862.00 %
PancakeSwap5.541379852.00 %
Polkadot4.435138132.00 %
Solana2.399243912.00 %
Stellar284.044993862.00 %
Terra17.573797352.00 %
Tezos29.163658912.00 %
THETA10.899879992.00 %
Theta Fuel169.214839092.00 %
THORChain10.284070602.00 %
TRON1353.563513132.00 %
Uniswap4.101831292.00 %
UNUS SED LEO39.409086292.00 %
VeChain864.866061652.00 %
Wrapped Bitcoin0.002772012.00 %
XRP112.916802592.00 %
Zcash0.699653162.00 %
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